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How Digital Transformations Succeed


Featuring George Westerman, principal research scientist at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and author of “Your Company Doesn’t Need a Digital Strategy”


Thursday, September 20, 2018 | Noon - 1:00 PM US ET

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11:00 AM - 12:00 PM US Central
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George Westerman
Principal Research Scientist  
MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy
George Westerman
Principal Research Scientist
MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy

The whole business world is talking about “digital transformation.” But according to Principal Research Scientist George Westerman at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, too many people focus on the “digital” without understanding all that “transformation” demands.

In his research, Westerman found that the starting point for transformation is a strong digital platform designed to enable collaboration between business and IT. But the company also must create a new strategy that is enabled by digital, identifying all the ways new technology will allow the organization to do business in a different way and create new services and products. A strategy that just aims to do the same things will not be transformative.

On September 20, 2018, in a live, interactive Harvard Business Review video webinar, Westerman will explain:

  • What most companies get wrong with their digital strategy
  • How to capture the true value of digital transformation
  • What the best companies are doing RIGHT with their digital transformation

Westerman will share real-world, industry-specific examples of companies that are focusing on technology enabled transformation in industries ranging from shipbuilding and mining to food and banking.

If your company is caught up in the frenzy of digital transformation, join George Westerman and HBR on September 20 to learn about common mistakes and best practices and be better equipped to help your company’s transformation succeed.


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